Innovation and Education

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals is committed to raising awareness of rare diseases and supporting research projects and awareness initiatives for related symptoms and treatments. Accordingly, we provide medical education grants and research funding to qualified researchers for investigator-initiated studies (IIS).

Medical Education Grants

Healthcare organizations and professionals can apply for a medical education grant to support bonafide educational programs and activities related to disease awareness and improvement of patient care. To be eligible, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate that the proposed medical education provided through the grant will promote improved delivery of healthcare
  • Be an independent, accredited medical educator that conforms to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) standards
  • The proposed medical education is not satisfied under existing programs
  • Must complete an agreement with Crinetics

Investigator Initiated Trials (IIS)

Independent rare endocrine disease research may also qualify for funding. You may qualify if you meet the following requirements:

  • Research demonstrates familiarity with Crinetics’ investigational treatments
  • Deliverables are tangible and follow scientific methods
  • Must complete an agreement with Crinetics
  • Crinetics support of the research must be clearly acknowledged and disclosed in all publication of study data and results
  • The IIS applicant is solely responsible and exercises full control of the execution and planning of the study

Submit all documents using the upload tool, or email to [email protected].


Submit all documents using the upload tool, or email to: [email protected].

Application Requirements

By submitting an application you are not guaranteed the approval of the grant or funding. Crinetics Pharmaceuticals follows a thorough review process and will approve or deny requests at its sole discretion.

In addition to a completed application, you will need to provide the following with your submission. Furthermore, the following considerations apply to all grants and funding:

Medical Education Grants

  • Letter of request, signed and dated on your organization’s letterhead, that includes the following
    • Educational objectives
    • Needs assessment
    • Agenda
    • Full program budget
    • Program description that includes how you will use the grant
    • Anticipated number of participants
    • Name of accrediting body and provider, including type and amount of credits (must be accredited)
  • W-9 form
  • IRS tax determination letter (if applicable)

Research Funding (IIS)

  • All documentation must be received at least 2 months prior to the start date of your program. Applications received within this time period will not be considered.
  • Before starting the Medical Education Grant (MEG) program, the MEG provider and Crinetics Pharmaceuticals must complete a fully executed agreement.
  • Funding will not be provided for:
    • Individuals
    • Fellowships
    • Overhead and general operating expenses
    • Entertainment, including meals
    • Awards
    • Travel


Medical Education Grants

Research Funding (IIS)