Acromegaly Awareness Day is November 1

Crinetics is spreading the word about acromegaly, the signs and symptoms, its effect on lives, and the promising new treatments bringing renewed hope to so many. Our goal is to help people with this rare endocrine disease get the timely diagnosis and effective treatment they need and deserve.

See photos from last year and check back for new ones after this year’s event.

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An Acromegaly Journey Like No Other

Every person with acromegaly has a unique story to tell, and Risa Heidt is certainly no exception. As someone who loves the outdoors and has never backed away from a challenge, Risa decided to shed some light on what many acromegaly patients go through – from the time they first notice symptoms, to the point where they finally get diagnosed, to what it’s like to live with a rare endocrine disease.

So what’s an accomplished endurance athlete and avid road cyclist to do? Jump on her bike and pedal 1,845 miles, of course. Her goal? To raise awareness of acromegaly, connect with other patients and families along the way, and make the road a little less bumpy for those who follow her.

Crinetics is proud to be a sponsor of Risa’s incredible trek from Canada to Mexico, and we invite you to check back soon for pictures and stories from Risa’s ride. Way to go, Risa!

Questions about what it's like to participate in a clinical trial?

This video features real people with acromegaly who have participated in a clinical trial sharing their experience and why they volunteered.

Learn About Clinical Trials

This 4-part series explains what clinical trials are, how they’re run, what all the unfamiliar terminology means, and more.

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An Oral Acromegaly Treatment
That's 24 Hours, One Dose.

A clinical study for an investigational, ORAL, ONCE-DAILY acromegaly treatment is looking for participants. See if you qualify.

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