My advice to give to somebody that’s considering a clinical trial would be don’t be hesitant.  Don’t be afraid. We’re all learning. This is a very rare disease. So there’s new things, new trials coming out all the time. And to be part of that is exciting. It can be very educational for you, as a new patient to acromegaly.

They have to study. They have to have patients available, ready and willing to participate in these clinical trials. I really feel like it was my obligation to try to make a difference. Participation isn’t easy, but you’re making a difference within our disease. I’ve gotten to meet world renown physicians because of clinical trials.

The main thing that I was scared of was starting a new medication. They assured me that I could stop at any point.:

They made me feel really comfortable and safe taking the new medication. That made me have no hesitations. Clinical trials help other people, not just yourself.

As a leader within the acromegaly community, I don’t think that I would feel right asking any of our patients to do something that I wouldn’t expect of myself.

Acromegaly treatment • 24 hours • 1 dose

The PATHFNDR studies are randomized, placebo-controlled, multi-center studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of ONCE-DAILY, ORAL paltusotine in subjects with acromegaly. If you’d like to know more about these studies of this investigational drug, click here for more information and eligibility requirements.

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