We Are Crinetics

Crinetics is a pharmaceutical company that develops much-needed therapies for people with rare endocrine diseases. We’re here for patients who are eager to find therapies that provide effective disease control and more simplicity in their lives. We partner with healthcare practitioners to ensure we’re solving real problems for them. And we build value in the company for investors by filling real market needs. Whatever brought you here, welcome.

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Radionetics Oncology Emerges from Crinetics Pharmaceuticals with a Platform and Deep Pipeline of Nonpeptide Targeted Radiopharmaceutical Drug Candidates for Precision Oncology

Radionetics’ pipeline is based on a broadly enabling platform and intellectual property that will leverage more than a decade of discovery experience within Crinetics. The platform uses nonpeptides as targeting agents designed to deliver therapeutically active radiopharmaceuticals to tumors expressing unique peptide receptors. Radionetics’ initial drug development efforts will center on advancing a collection of 10 potent nonpeptide-targeted radiopharmaceutical candidates and leads, discovered at Crinetics, into clinical imaging and efficacy studies.

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Unveils Parathyroid Hormone Receptor Antagonist Program at ASBMR

“Our PTHR1 antagonists have the potential to improve the lives of people with hypercalcemia caused by parathyroid adenomas; and moreover, may offer a life-saving treatment option for patients with CKD or cancer, for whom hypercalcemia is a complication that can be fatal. We look forward to the continued advancement of this preclinical program and to the identification of a lead PTHR1 antagonist for optimization.” - Alan Krasner, M.D., Crinetics’ chief medical officer.