Crinetics was founded by a team of scientists with a track record of drug discovery and development. We are dedicated to creating important new therapeutic options for patients with endocrine diseases and endocrine-related tumors.

Meet Us

scott struthers uai

R. Scott Struthers, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

garlan adams web uai

Garlan Adams

General Counsel

stephen f. betz, ph.d. founder & chief scientific officer executive team

Stephen F. Betz, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

cabre uai

Adriana Cabré, MBA

Chief Human Resources Officer

jim hassard uai

Jim Hassard

Chief Commercial Officer

jacqueline kirby, vice president of corporate affairs

Jacqueline Kirby

Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

jeff knight chief operating office executive team

Jeff Knight

Chief Operating Officer

alan krasner uai

Alan S. Krasner, M.D.

Chief Endocrinologist

dana p uai

Dana Pizzuti, M.D.

Chief Medical and Development Officer

chris robillard uai

Chris Robillard, MBA

Chief Business Officer


Marc Wilson

Chief Financial Officer

Lance Goulet

Sr. Scientist II, DMPK

crinetics - lance goulet, senior scientist, dmpk

Michael Johns

Senior Scientist 2, DMPK

michael johns scientist dmpk uai

Jason Katz

Senior Scientist 1, DMPK

crinetics - jason katz

Sun Hee Kim

Director, Chemistry

crinetics - sun-hee-kim-director-chemistry.jpg

Elizabeth Rico

Associated Director, Mechanistic Biology

elizabeth rico principal scientist biology uai

Christine Staley

Associate Scientist, Target Discovery Biology

christine staley senior research associate2 biology uai

Emmanuel Sturchler

Director, Target Discovery Biology


Oleg Tsivkovski

Senior Research Associate 2, DMPK

oleg tsivkovski research associate2 dmpk uai

Shimiao Wang

Senior Scientist 1

shimiao wang scientist chemistry uai

Christina Gravono

Clinical Trial Manager

christina gravono senior clinical trial assistant uai

Elaine Hsieh

Associate Director, CMC Product Development

crinetics - elaine-hsieh-senior manager-cmc-product-development.jpg

Cosina Mui

Associate Director, Clinical Operations

crinetics - cosina mui, associate director, clinical operations

Beata Musial

Director, Analytical CMC

crinetics - beata-musial-director-analytical-cmc

Elsa Orozco

Associate Director, Regulatory Operations

crinetics - elsa orozco, senior manager, regulatory operations

Jordan Page

Senior Manager, CMC Drug Substance Development

crinetics - jordan-page-manager-cmc-api-process chemistry

Tao Shen

Associate Director, CMC Analytical Development

crinetics - tao shen, senior manager, analytical cmc

Susan Sloan-Ortiz

Senior Director, Quality Systems

crinetics - susan sloan-ortiz

Alessandra Casagrande

Senior Director, Clinical Research

alessandra casagrande director medical services uai

Eduardo De la Torre Ames

Senior Clinical Trial Manager

crinetics - eduardo-delatorre-ames-manager-clinical trial

Chris Ferrara-Cook

Senior Director, Medical Sciences

crinetics - chris ferrara cook, senior director, medical sciences

Melissa Nichols

Senior Director, Biometrics

melissa nichols, senior director, biometrics

Peter Trainer

Vice President, Clinical Endocrinology

peter trainer, vice president, clinical endocrinology

Joshua Hamel

Systems Administrator

crinetics - joshua hamel, systems administrator

Stephanie Kallay

Director, Patient Advocacy & Outreach

crinetics - stephanie kallay, director, patient advocacy & outreach

Matt McDowell

Director, Information Technology

crinetics - matt mcdowell, director, information technology

Mark Narcy

Senior Manager, Facilities & Operations

crinetics - mark nancy, senior manager, facilities & operations

Donna Rainwater

Director, Compensation & Benefits

crinetics - donna rainwater, associate director, human resources

Brian Russell

Executive Director, Head of Corporate Strategy

crinetics - brian russell, executive director, head of corporate strategy

Caren Deardorf

Board Member

Matthew K. Fust

Board Member

Weston Nichols, Ph.D.

Board Member

R. Scott Struthers, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

John Newell-Price, M.D., Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board

Martin Heinrich Reincke, M.D.

Scientific Advisory Board

William Young, M.D.

Scientific Advisory Board

Beverly MK Biller, M.D., FACP

Scientific Advisory Board

Ann Taylor, M.D.

Scientific Advisory Board

Joy Wu, M.D., Ph.D., FASBMR

Scientific Advisory Board