Meet Chris

Tell us about yourself?

I am the head of medical affairs at Crinetics and have seen the company double in size since I started. My role is to support our collective efforts to bring innovative therapies to patients with rare endocrine diseases. I live in Austin, Texas but travel anywhere there are committed health care professionals caring for patients in need of Crinetics’ therapies.


What about Crinetics makes you the most excited to work here?

It is a privilege to work on a team of such experienced and committed professionals trying to solve difficult and important problems in order to benefit patients with rare endocrine disease.


What is your advice on people hoping to join Crinetics?

Be prepared for rapid change. Crinetics is a rapidly evolving company and will look completely different in 6 months than it does today.


What is your personal motto?

If it’s not “Heck yes!” then it’s “no”.