Meet Yang

Tell us about yourself, your position, background, motivations.

I hold a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University, where my passion for biostatistics blossomed. My doctoral dissertation focused on developing an innovative statistical method to enhance MRI image post-processing, aiding physicians in making critical therapeutic decisions for acute stroke patients. With close to two decades of experience spanning biomedical research, cancer and personalized medicine, and clinical development, I currently serve as the Senior Director of Biostatistics at Crinetics. Working alongside dedicated cross-functional teams devoted to improving the lives of patients with rare diseases continuously reinforces our shared mission and propels me forward.


What about Crinetics makes you the most excited to work here?

Crinetics’ robust pipeline in endocrine diseases and endocrine-related tumors, inspires me to bring a curious mindset to drive innovation in developing high quality novel medicines.


What is your advice on people hoping to join Crinetics?

Be generous and curious so we are constantly learning together; stay optimistic and be adaptable so we can truly make a mark.