Meet Beth

Tell us about yourself, your position, background, motivations.

My career has always focused on receptor pharmacology and drug discovery, though I have worked in various environments including neonatal pharmacology at a pediatric hospital, high-throughput screening at a large pharmaceutical company, and mechanistic pharmacology at biotech companies of all sizes. It has been interesting to see the similarities and differences in how companies approach drug discovery, where they focus their efforts, and what is most valued. I really appreciate that Crinetics values the patients, the science, and a collaborative workplace environment. My role at Crinetics is part of the team helping to guide the growth of the in vitro pharmacology efforts as we expand our capacity, improve process, and add new mechanistic approaches, while continuing to emphasize data quality and accurate interpretation. My job is rewarding for many reasons, but one of my favorites is watching people find their passion in science and helping them grow through teaching and mentoring.


What about Crinetics makes you the most excited to work here?

When I visited the Crinetics website before joining the company, I saw two quotes that resonated with me. “Big brains and small egos mean there’s plenty of room for a few more.” “Work hard. Play nice. Smile lots.” Those quotes described the type of collaborative and collegial environment I wanted to be a part of. After working at the company, I am happy to say that those sentiments ring true. The executive leadership sets the tone by valuing cooperativity, and that appreciation permeates through the whole company.


What is your advice on people hoping to join Crinetics?

Bring your passion and unique experience, and let’s work together to improve patients’ lives.