Meet Melissa

Tell us about yourself, your position, background, motivations.

I grew up in Texas and got my B.S. in Genetics at Texas A&M University and my Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. My goal was always to pursue a career in industry rather than academic science, and though it was a long journey, I feel very lucky to have found a career at Crinetics that I love.

My position is Associate Director of Discovery. I lead the Discovery team responsible for evaluating the pharmacodynamics of novel compounds in disease models. I also contribute to cross-functional program teams that are tasked with driving both the operational and strategic decisions in Discovery programs.

I am, of course, motivated to discover new therapeutics for diseases with unmet needs. But on a more personal level, I have a core motivational drive to add value and make a positive impact in whatever organization I am working. I am willing to work hard for myself and the success of others, and will wear whatever hat I need to be wearing at the time to achieve that goal.

What about Crinetics makes you the most excited to work here?

There are so many things about Crinetics that make me excited to work here, that it’s hard to pick just one! The people and company culture are amazing. This is a place where everyone has a voice and is encouraged to use it. I also love the energy and optimism that is infused into everything we do.

What is your advice on people hoping to join Crinetics?

Be prepared to work hard but know that your efforts will be valued. Also, learn to be flexible because Crinetics is growing and that brings many changes. But the great part about that is it means there are many opportunities for individual growth as well!