Meet Barry

Tell us about yourself, your position, background, motivations.

I’ve lived and studied in upstate New York my whole life, currently in the small town of OwegoAlthough I worked in solid state physics and materials science in graduate school, I came to be intrigued by the concept of molecular ion beams and excited at its application to the measurement of biological specimensAfter graduate school I joined Advion Biosciences in Ithaca, NY (later Q2 Solutions), where I learned the technique of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LCMS) from some of the best scientists in that field. I spent 15 years there, and ultimately was leading a group focused on establishing novel LCMS assays for biomarkers and biotherapeutics supporting drug development.  One year ago, I had the exciting opportunity to join Crinetics as Associate Director of Biomarker BioanalysisI have a particular interest in the emerging use of LC-MS techniques to quantify peptide hormone biomarkers for fundamental research, drug development, and clinical diagnostics. 


What about Crinetics makes you the most excited to work here?

A bioanalytical scientist’s responsibility is to ensure that we are specifically measuring what we say we have measured, with highest achievable degree of accuracy and precisionHuman wellness and disease treatment are navigated with the aid of lab results; improving those measurements will improve human health.  Working at Crinetics has offered me the opportunity to learn from and work with professionals from diverse disciplines all striving to improve human health, and who share this value of quality biomarker measurements. 


What is your advice on people hoping to join crinetics?

The people I’ve met at Crinetics are collaborative, innovative, friendly, and humbly talentedIf this describes you, apply and be genuine and ready to learn!