Crinetics CEO Talks with Pituitary World News About the Importance of Patient Advocacy in Developing New Medicines

Our founder and CEO, Scott Struthers, Ph.D., spoke with J D Faccinetti for a podcast for Pituitary World News, looking into the world of new drug discovery and development for acromegaly and other endocrine diseases.

In the beginning of the podcast, Dr. Struthers talks a little bit about his background and how he began his career in endocrine science, as well as the founding of Crinetics.

Did you know Crinetics was a bootstrap company when it started and that we’d stored surplus lab equipment in our garages before we ever opened our first lab?

The most significant part of the podcast is the discussion of CRN00808, Crinetics’ clinical candidate for acromegaly as well as new drugs in development for hyperinsulinism and Cushing’s disease. Dr. Struthers provides the history of discovering CRN00808 and the current status of the drug in Phase 1 trials.

More importantly, Dr. Struthers says, “Drug discovery is a partnership between scientists, doctors, and patients. Without the patients helping and providing input and testing these new agents, we can’t get anywhere.”

Next year, Crinetics will be looking for the help of the global acromegaly community to evaluate CRN00808 in a Phase 2 clinical trial, including patients who are not well controlled with the current standard of care.

Dr. Struthers will be traveling around the world next year. If you would like to connect with him during his travels, or if you are in San Diego, please let us know.

To listen to the podcast, click here.