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Crinetics is a pharmaceutical company that researches, discovers, and develops breakthrough therapies for patients with rare endocrine diseases or tumors. We foster long-term relationships with healthcare practitioners to learn intimately about the challenges patients face every day, then focus on developing game-changing therapies that improve their lives in significant ways.

Scientific Poster

CRN04894: An Oral, Nonpeptide ACTH (MC2) Receptor Antagonist Decreased Basal and Stimulated Cortisol Secretion in Healthy Volunteers

Peter J. Trainer, MD; Christine T. Ferrara-Cook, MD, PhD; Alejandro Ayala, MD; Rosa Luo, MS; Stephanie Miller, BA; Yang Wang, MSPH; Martha Hernandez-Illas, MD; R. Scott Struthers, PhD; Stephen F. Betz, PhD; Alan Krasner, MD

Oral Presentation

Long-term efficacy and safety of oral, once daily paltusotine treatment in acromegaly: Two-year interim results from the ACROBAT Advance study

Programme Code: OC3.3
Session Name: Oral Communications 3: Reproductive and Neuroendocrinology
Session Date: Monday 14 November 2022
Session Time: 15:05 – 16:35
Order in Session: 3 of 6

peter trainer, vice president, clinical endocrinology

Presented by: Peter Trainer


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